The new face(s) of public education

The Patriot-News, Pennsylvania’s main capital-area newspaper, recently profiled a family that has enrolled its four children in a combination of private, public and charter schools, with a bit of home-schooling thrown in the mix. Three children of Tom and April Bump currently attend the Pennsylvania Cyber Charter School. The report explains why:

While Tom Bump, Alyssa’s father, is a youth minister at Country and Town Baptist Church in Mechanicsburg, cyberschooling is not due to religion issues, said his wife April.

“It’s the flexibility and being able to spend more quality time as a family,” she said.

When her children were in public school, April Bump said they would be busy with two to four hours of homework every night.

Now, they have time to do homework during class and throughout the day, she said.

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BY Adam Emerson

Editor of redefinED, policy and communications guru for Florida education nonprofit