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redefinED roundup: charter school rally in California, voucher recommendations in Tennessee, Common Core tussle & more

Rally photo from Families That Can.

California: 1,000 charter school parents and administrators rally to protest a proposed moratorium on charter schools (Los Angeles Times). The school board subsequently votes down a measure aimed at more oversight (Los Angeles Times). The school board at the center of the parent trigger fight could see turnover (Education Week).

Florida: Charter school supporters make a pitch for equitable funding and independent authorizers (redefinED). Charter school enrollment now tops 10 percent of total public school enrollment in eight Florida districts, a new report shows (redefineED). In the wake of Tony Bennett’s defeat in Indiana, Jeb Bush’s Foundation for Excellence in Education pushes back against Common Core critics (redefinED).

Tennessee: Gov. Bill Haslam’s task force finalizes its recommendations for a statewide voucher program, agreeing it should be limited to poorer students ( More from The Tennessean and the Memphis  Commercial Appeal.

Washington: The Seattle Times says the charter school ballot initiative has passed, even though opponents have yet to concede. Spokane Public Schools officials say they want to open a charter school (Huffington Post).

Illinois: Public school officials in Chicago plan to shut down poor-performing charters (Chicago Tribune).

Georgia: One of the state’s bigger school districts considers creation of a full-time virtual school (Gainesville Times).

Colorado: Douglas County’s voucher program heads back to court today, with both sides battling over a lower court ruling that it’s unconstitutional (Denver Post).

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