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Tony Bennett’s priorities in Florida: Common Core, teacher evaluations

In an interview published this morning, incoming Florida education commissioner Tony Bennett tells Rick Hess that Gov. Rick Scott gave him two priorities: implementation of Common Core and Senate Bill 736.

The latter is the law, signed by Scott last year, that makes sweeping changes to how Florida teachers are evaluated and paid. As he did when speaking with reporters Wednesday, Bennett threw out the possibility of changes to SB 736, which has sparked widespread frustration because of new evals that even some reformers like Hess find problematic.

“Senate Bill 736 has created some challenges, but also some opportunities. It has and will continue to bring into focus how we think about the obstacles, the capacity challenges at the district level, and whether we need to make tweaks to the legislation,” Bennett said. “When I met with administrators and teachers the other day, I said nothing is off the table in terms of 736. We want to make sure this is an effective, efficient, fair, measure of teacher effectiveness.” Full interview here.

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BY reimaginED staff