Florida Board of Education member Sally Bradshaw resigns

Sally Bradshaw, a Florida Board of Education member with close ties to Jeb Bush, abruptly resigned over the weekend.

Sally Bradshaw
Sally Bradshaw

Appointed by Gov. Rick Scott in 2011, Bradshaw said in a two-paragraph letter to Scott on Sunday that “family obligations” would prevent her from serving out the remainder of her term, which was set to expire in December. “I appreciate your efforts to ensure that Florida’s K-12 system continues to lead the nation in reform and accountability,” she wrote. The resignation was effective immediately.

A former Bush chief of staff, Bradshaw and other board members with strong Bush allegiances have been critical of the board’s direction in recent months on school grades and Common Core. In July, she was on the losing end of a 4-3 vote to continue a safety net that prevented schools from falling more than one letter grade this year. “I don’t understand when it became acceptable,” she said at the time, “to disguise and manipulate the truth simply because the truth is uncomfortable.”

“We are grateful for Sally’s service and commitment to ensuring the highest quality in our education system,” Scott said in a statement. “She has worked hard to continue the legacy of high standards that began under the great leadership of Governor Jeb Bush.”

Board of Education members are appointed by the governor and subject to confirmation by the state senate.

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The News Service of Florida contributed to this report, which was updated to include Scott’s statement and the links to other coverage.

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