podcastED: SUFS president Doug Tuthill interviews Florida’s Teacher of the Year Dre Graham

In this episode, Step Up For Students President Doug Tuthill and Florida’s 2020 Teacher of the Year Dre Graham discuss Graham’s new role as executive director of the Department of Education’s Office of Independent Education and Parental Choice.

How does a music teacher from a Title I district school in Tampa come to oversee the office responsible for managing Florida’s vast choice programs? After a year touring every Florida school district, how will Graham operationalize the opportunity he has to rewrite narratives and bring people together?

“We’re not just educating students. We are educating families … because education is freedom.”


·       Teaching at a Title I school and the everyday experience of working with society’s most at-risk children

·       Florida Virtual School and how it will continue to be a part of public education on a much broader scale

·       COVID-19, the new landscape of public education, and how we can leverage this experience for positive change

·       The opportunity to use this “bully pulpit” to end longstanding feuds between proponents of education choice and traditional schooling


Florida’s Teacher of the Year joins education choice office

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