PodcastED: SUFS president Doug Tuthill interviews Johns Hopkins University’s Ashley Berner

In this episode, Step Up For Students president Doug Tuthill speaks with Ashley Berner, deputy director of the Johns Hopkins Institute for Education Policy and associate professor at the Johns Hopkins School of Education, about the value of content-based curriculum and the benefits of intentionally building knowledge content rather than merely reinforcing skills.

Among the questions Berner answers is one that is a driving question behind her work: How can a more vibrant education curriculum level the playing field for greater equity?

“The more that you know, the more you can know. Knowledge builds on knowledge.”


·       How content-rich curriculum closes the achievement gap between rich and poor and its outsized positive effect on student learning

·       The balance faith-based schools must find between content-rich curriculum and staying true to their religious beliefs

·       How educators are teaching a content-rich curriculum in a blended learning model thanks to COVID-19

·       Rethinking assessment models in a content-rich model


Why curriculum matters for research and policy

Why curriculum matters for state leaders

Why curriculum matters for private schools

Why curriculum matters for parents and guardians

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