American Federation for Children congratulates Florida school choice champions on primary wins

Jason Brodeur, left, was among pro-education choice candidates who prevailed in Tuesday’s primary election. Brodeur, whose mother was an elementary school teacher for more than 20 years, has voted multiple times to raise teacher salaries, expand vocational and technical training opportunities for students, and introduce financial literacy courses.

The American Federation for Children, the nation’s voice for educational choice, congratulates all the Florida candidates supported by the Florida Federation for Children PAC during Tuesday’s primary election.

The Florida Federation for Children PAC invested more than $500,000 in state races to support school choice proponents during the 2022 primary.

Long heralded as the “North Star” for school choice programs, Florida has continued to set the standard nationally for bipartisan support of ensuring families have the right to choose the best education options for their children.

“This fall, over a half million Florida students will attend charter schools or attend private schools on state scholarship programs,” wrote John Kirtley, co-chairman, American Federation for Children-Florida, in a prepared statement. “Thousands more will attend district-run schools of choice.

“I am thrilled that parents across the political spectrum are letting their elected officials know that educational freedom is a top issue at the ballot box, and they expect their elected officials to reflect their interests in the state legislature.”

The following successful candidates were supported by the Florida Federation for Children PAC:

Jason Brodeur – SD 10

Gallop Franklin – HD 8

Kim Daniels – HD 40

Lisa Ann-Marie Dunkley – HD 97

AFC would like to make a special acknowledgment to Democratic House candidates James Bush and Wengay Newton. Though they were not victorious, for years they were champions of low-income families in their districts who had or wanted educational freedom.

They both fought for this right against great pressure. AFC salutes them.

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BY reimaginED staff