A salute to the new school choice czar

The word is out. This blog’s talented editor and creator, Adam Emerson, is headed off to the respected Fordham Institute to become its first-ever “School Choice Czar.” This is good news for the cause that is at the heart of redefinED, even if it makes me wince.

We asked Adam more than a year ago to create a blog that was thought-provoking yet civil; to create an alternative to some of the more hyperbolic and polarizing discourse that consumes much of the school choice debate.

Obviously, Adam has delivered. His most recent move, to form a partnership with the American Center for School Choice, has brought to redefinED some distinguished voices who represent a bipartisan, centrist, social justice approach to choice. Given the considerable increase in traffic over the past few months, readers seem to be as impressed as we are.

Adam has set the bar high, where it should be, and we’re committed to building on what he has started. But for now, we take a moment to offer a salute.

In his new position as Fordham’s director of parental choice, Adam will “coordinate the Institute’s school choice-related research projects, policy analyses and commentaries on issues including vouchers, charter schools, homeschooling, and digital learning.” He’ll also keep his voice alive through a new blog, Choice Words, at Fordham. We encourage you to keep plugged in to what he has to say, because Adam is a rising star whose voice is helping redefine the contours of public education.

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BY Doug Tuthill

A lifelong educator and former teacher union president, Tuthill has been president of Step Up For Students since August 2008.

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